Author: Charlotte Asentista

  • Invisalign Los Angeles

    Invisalign is the leading brand when it comes to clear aligners in the USA. If you have misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, tooth gaps, or bite issues, Invisalign can give you straight teeth without giving you the dreaded “metal mouth” look associated with traditional metal braces. If you are in Los Angeles, you are in luck […]

  • Can You Drink Coffee with Invisalign?

    People who are undergoing Invisalign treatment to get a beautiful smile frequently question if they may consume coffee and other beverages while wearing their aligners. We created a thorough guide for coffee lovers all around the world who are wearing Invisalign aligners because there are so many different patients and treatments. Some of the answers […]

  • Invisalign Payment Plan

    Invisalign is a very effective way to upgrade your smile but like all things high quality, it comes with a steep price. The average cost of Invisalign is in the range of $3000 to $7000. That is generally the amount you would be paying if you do not have Insurance coverage. The more work your […]

  • Invisalign Weight Loss: Is The Invisalign Diet Real?

    There are several benefits of using Invisalign as orthodontic treatment, including a stunningly straight, beautiful smile and white protected teeth. However, there is one additional adverse effect that undergoing Invisalign treatment might cause, and that is weight loss. Some patients report that this is a wonderful thing, while others will argue that it is not. […]

  • Can Invisalign Fix Crowding?

    Crowding happens when there is not enough space in your jaw for all of your teeth or when you have a severe case of misaligned teeth that become displaced. When this happens, your teeth will push towards each other and may cause some overlapping and rotation. Crowded teeth can happen in both the upper and […]

  • How Much Is Invisalign a Month?

    Are you thinking of upgrading your smile? When it comes to getting invisible braces, a lot of people are setting their eyes on Invisalign aligners. They look better than traditional metal braces and aside from the discretion, these aligners are removable so you can take them off any time. No need to worry about food […]

  • PlusDent vs. Invisalign

    Having your teeth straightened is not a vain move – it actually keeps you healthier since you get to have better dental health. Looking good is just a bonus! So, if you have crooked teeth or tooth gaps, why not do something about it? Adults hesitate when it comes to getting their teeth straightened. They […]

  • SnapCorrect vs. Smile Direct Club

    Straight teeth do not only give you a better smile but also better dental health. When you straighten your teeth, you do not only get to take care of your oral health and look better, you also get to boost your self-confidence. Luckily enough, teeth straightening is more accessible these days thanks to invisible teeth […]

  • Top Choices: Best Home Teeth Straightening Kit In The UK

    When it comes to dental health and getting straighter teeth, home teeth straightening kits are the best option for people compared to traditional braces. Having the option to straighten your teeth at home without going to the dentist’s office regularly saves a lot financially. Aside from being a cheaper treatment, home teeth straightening kits also […]