Candid vs Byte

Invisible braces or clear aligners are now in demand when it comes to teeth straightening and getting your desired smile. These invisible braces are transparent and removable trays that can fix minor cases of crooked and misaligned teeth. These products are revolutionizing the way people are getting better smiles and a boost in confidence.

Thanks to advancements in dental technology, you no longer have to do office visits to your dentist to get treated. A lot of invisible aligner brands can be done as a DIY treatment in the comfort of your home. Because of this, direct-to-consumer braces are now very affordable.

When it comes to invisible braces, two brands stand out in the market: Candid and Byte. Both companies have garnered positive customer reviews and are in good standing. If Candid and Byte are among your top choices, then congratulations! You are on the right path! However, in the end, you can only choose one brand.

So which one is better when it comes to Candid vs Byte? In this article, we will compare Candid and Byte based on the important factors that you should consider when looking for clear teeth aligners and the pros and cons of each brand.

Candid vs Byte: brand reputation


Candid started its business in 2017 and has been giving straighter smiles all over the country. They are well-known for their high-quality product, easy aligner treatment process, and customer service.


Byte has its headquarters in Los Angeles and has a wide exclusive network of licensed dentists and orthodontists around the country. Their main edge is their technology to cut treatment times in half.

Candid vs Byte: how it works


To begin treatment, you need to order an impression kit from their website. The Candid impression kit will give you everything you need to create an impression of your teeth. The impression will be the basis of your clear braces so make sure you follow the instructions carefully for a perfect fit. Once you are done making an impression, you send back the impression kit to Candid where it will be assessed by their in-house orthodontist.

You can also check if there are Candid Studios in your location. This is great if you are not sure about making the impression on your own. You can do a walk-in and they will make the impression for you free of charge.

The orthodontist will have to assess if your current dental situation can be resolved through Candid aligners. They will only create your invisible braces if you are approved as a candidate. If approved, they will proceed to creating your teeth aligners based on your personal treatment plan.

If not, they will refund the money you spent on the impression kit and will refer you to an orthodontist in your area for your dental needs. Keep in mind that invisible braces can only handle mild alignment problems – if you are rejected as a candidate, chances are you need a stronger orthodontic treatment method for your case.

Upon approval, you will be getting your Candid clear braces within two to three weeks. The package you will be receiving will contain all the aligner trays you will need throughout the entire treatment. You will be checking in with the orthodontist remotely and they will inform you whether or not you should be using the next set of clear aligners in the package.

When your treatment is over, Candid will ask you to get a custom retainer. This is actually required so that you get to maintain your straight and new smile for a long time. The first set of retainers will be included in your package, free of charge. If you need to replace the retainer, it cost about $99.


Like Candid, you have to order an impression kit. The kit will come with instructions that are easy to follow. Make your impression accurately, then ship back the kit.

A licensed dentist or orthodontist will then assess your impression to see if you qualify for Byte treatment. If not, you will be refunded. If you qualify, they will proceed to make a personalized treatment plan for you and start creating your teeth aligners.

You will have to wait about 4 to 6 weeks for your set of aligners to be shipped to you. You can expedite the process by sending back your impressions right away, fill out your account info, and upload the necessary photos of your teeth.

The impression kit you will receive will give you two chances of making your impressions. If you messed up, you can ask for another kit but this time, you will have to cover the shipping cost too.

Once you are done with your Byte treatment, you will be required to wear retainers for maintenance.

You may also be interested to know that Byte offers a referral system. Your friends will get discounts on their Byte treatment and you will get an Amazon gift card worth $200 for every friend you refer. You will receive the gift card when your friend makes their purchase.

Candid vs Byte: treatment and monitoring

Candid treatment

What makes Candid stand out is that it only works with licensed orthodontists. This matters because although dentists are good at their jobs, orthodontists are specialists when it comes to teeth straightening methods. Orthodontists have more years of training so you can be assured that you are being monitored by a professional. Candid will pair you up with a licensed orthodontist operating in your state to oversee your treatment.

Treatment is done remotely so you will have to do virtual check-ins from time to time using the Candid app. When you check in, you will scan your teeth (usually every 10 days). The orthodontist will then assess the scans to see how well your teeth are aligning. They will then advise you whether to move on to the next set of teeth aligners (usually happens every 2 weeks, depending on your progress).

Aside from the aligners, Candid includes a free teeth whitening product in the package they send to you. The teeth whitening foam is said to be very effective when it comes to giving you a whiter and brighter smile. You can also purchase their teeth whitening products separately.

Byte treatment

Byte treatment is also done remotely. You will be checking in with your assigned dentist or orthodontist remotely. You can also track your progress online.

Byte offers you two treatment options: all-day aligners and at-night aligners. All-day aligners should be worn all day. They have a faster treatment time because you use them longer. The Byte at-night aligners can be worn at home after your last meal and while you sleep. This frees you from taking care of the aligner during the day.

Along with your chosen type of Byte aligners, you will get the HyperByte device, which uses high-frequency vibration to cut your treatment time in half. The recommended usage is 5 minutes once a day.

Byte offers a bottle of BrightByte, the 3-in-1 teeth whitener, along with the package. This teeth whitening treatment product acts as a premium teeth whitener, a breath freshener, and you can use it to clean your teeth aligners.

Your first set of retainers from Byte will also be included in the package for free.

Candid vs Byte: treatment time


Your Candid invisible braces should be worn for a minimum of 22 hours each day to align your teeth effectively. They only have daytime treatment available. The average treatment time for Candid aligners can last for around 6 to 11 months, depending on your dental situation and progress.


The Byte all-day aligners should be worn at least 22 hours per day. The average treatment time is around 4 to 6 months, depending on your dental situation and progress.

The Byte at-night aligners should be worn for at least 10 hours every night. The nighttime only treatment time is averaged to be about 5 to 6 months, depending on your dental situation and progress.

Candid vs Byte: requirements


To get your Candid treatment, you must be at least 18 years old. Minors aged 16 or 17 may get treatment as long as there is written consent from their guardian.

Candid will also require you to have good dental health. So if you have other dental issues like cavity or gum problems, they will advise you to have those conditions treated first before getting Candid aligners.


To see if you are eligible, you should check the Byte website and take the Am I a Candidate quiz.

Like Candid, you need to have good oral health to qualify for treatment. If you have other dental issues, you will need to deal with them first before you can get Byte aligners.

Candid vs Byte: material


Candid invisible braces are made out of Zendura, a firm and durable plastic material. Zendura does not have any phthalates, parabens, or BPA in its material so they are very safe to use for aligners. It is also a stain-resistant material so you do not have to work so hard to keep it clean.

Candid trays fit the contours of your teeth snugly. Since Zendura is a harder material, you can expect the aligners to be a bit awkward on your mouth on the first day but you get used to it eventually.

The clear aligners are invisible enough that people will barely notice you have them on.


The Byte aligners are medical-grade, highly transparent polymer film, and BPA-free plastic aligners. The material is durable, tear-resistant, and smooth to the touch.

Byte invisible braces are fit well enough to keep your teeth in line and users have reported that the fit is very comfortable and easy to get used to.

Candid vs Byte: pricing and payment methods


Candid costs about $2400. The impression kits are $95. If you are not eligible for treatment, the money you spent on the at-home impression kit will be refunded. You can also make a free impression if there are Candid Studios near you. You can scour online deals that can give you discounts.

You can choose to pay the total cost upfront. Candid also offers a payment installment plan where you pay $399 as a down payment and then pay $99 for the next 24 months. But you should know that if you choose the installment plan, Candid will do a credit check on you to ensure that you will be able to make the monthly payments.

Candid takes payments through HSA and FSA too. As for insurance, some insurance policies may cover part of the Candid treatment. You will have to check your insurance company for that.


The Byte at-home impression kit cost $95. If you do not qualify as a candidate for Byte aligners, you will get a full refund.

The Byte all-day aligners cost $1,895. You can choose the payment plan where you give a $349 down payment and pay $83 for the next 29 months.

The at-night teeth aligners cost $2,295. You can choose the payment plan where you give a down payment of $449 and pay $99 per month for the next 29 months.

Byte also accepts payments from HSA, FSA, Splitit, and CareCredit. You can also check your insurance company if they can cover part of the treatment cost.

Byte has the Byte for Life Guarantee wherein if your teeth move out of alignment even after the Byte treatment, they will help you move it back into place for no additional cost.

Candid vs Byte: customer service


Candid is quite known for its exceptional customer support. They are easy to reach and performance is consistently high according to customer reviews. Positive customer service reviews is a huge plus when it comes to a company that offers its services remotely.

You can reach out to their customer service through web chat, email, or phone from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM any day of the week. You can also leave them a message through their social media accounts and you will get a response in the next 24 hours. If there is a Candid Studio in your area, you can simply drop by to address your concerns.


Byte has constant high ratings and positive Byte reviews. Byte reviews often highlight the efficacy of their agents when it comes to answering their queries and addressing their concerns.

You can contact a customer service representative by phone. You can also contact the Byte team through email. text, and Facebook messenger and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Candid vs Byte: pros and cons



  • Remote monitoring – no need to do office visits.
  • Quality materials are being used to make the product.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Works exclusively with orthodontists.


  • Payment plan comes with a credit check, which could be bad news for those who have a low credit score.



  • Remote monitoring – no need to do office visits
  • Has the HyperByte device that reduces treatment time.
  • Offers at-night teeth aligners for a more flexible treatment.
  • Offers a Byte for Life guarantee.


  • The monthly payment plan is significantly more expensive compared to paying the total cost upfront.


Are invisible braces the right fit for me or should I get traditional braces?

This will depend on what dental issues you want to correct and the gravity of the situation. Generally, invisible braces work for those who have mild to moderate cases of misalignment, malocclusion, and gap teeth.

This is why even though you are getting remote treatment for straightening teeth, it is still best to visit your dentist or orthodontist first before getting an impression kit. Remember that you may think you have no dental issues but some dental issues can only be determined through a thorough dental exam.

The initial office visit will save you from spending money on an impression kit in case you still have some dental issues to deal with.

Here is a general list of what clear aligners cannot treat:

  • Severe rotation – When the tooth is rotated out of place because of crowding.
  • Misshaped teeth – It could be difficult for invisible braces to fit when you have pegged, pointed, or round teeth
  • Intrusion – When the tooth is jammed to the jawbone.
  • Extrusion – When the tooth is sitting high on the jawbone so it becomes taller than the rest of your other teeth.
  • Midline movement – When your teeth will not match the midline of your face.

If you have any of these dental issues, you may be needing more aggressive alignment methods like traditional braces that requires monthly office visits.

Do invisible braces hurt?

Clear braces are like retainers – only instead of a wire, you get a tray that fits snugly to straighten teeth with gentle pressure. So, no matter what brand you choose, there will be some discomfort at first because you still need to adjust and get used to the feeling when wearing aligners for the first time.

For some, they also feel a mild sensitivity for the first few days. But these feelings go away in a few days once you get used to wearing them.

Take note that you will be switching trays, each tray may be tighter than the last one so you will have to go through the same feelings again. But as you move forward throughout the treatment process, you will have an easier time adjusting.

They are incredibly pain-free compared to traditional metal braces where you have to deal with metal brackets for a few months to straighten teeth and achieve your best smile.

What is the difference between dentists and orthodontists?

Orthodontists rank higher than dentists. This is because orthodontists go through additional years of education and go through specialized training to be considered specialists. So we could say that there are key differences between the two.

With more hours of training and experience, they are considered to be the better choice – especially for complicated treatments like teeth alignment. Although dentists also have working knowledge on teeth alignment, this is more of general knowledge – not expertise.

How long do I have to wear a retainer?

No matter what brand of clear aligners you get, you will be required to use post-treatment retainers. You go through the same process even for traditional braces. It is the protocol for any orthodontic treatment. Post-treatment retainers are used to maintain the new alignment of your teeth.

This is required because no matter how good your orthodontic treatment was, your teeth have the tendency to move back to their original place as you age. To prevent this from happening, you need the retainer to keep it in place.

For the first few weeks after treatment, you will be wearing a retainer for 24 hours. You can only take them off when you are drinking or eating. After that, you will only be required to wear your retainers when you sleep.

Most retainers can last for a couple of years. However, it is recommended to replace them at least every six months for hygienic purposes.

Is byte better than candid?

Byte and Candid both offer remote monitoring so you don’t have to exert much effort to go to their respective offices. 

Byte has a HypeByte device that reduces treatment time while Candid uses quality materials to make the product. 

Byte offers at-night teeth aligners and a Byte for Life guarantee while Candid has excellent customer service and works exclusively with orthodontists. 

These two companies are excellent providers of invisible teeth aligners. 

The choice of which is better all boils down to you. It’s up to you which one suits your fancy and which one makes you feel more comfortable. 

Does insurance cover invisible braces treatment plan?

This depends on your insurance provider. Most insurance providers do not cover orthodontic treatments like braces since getting a straight smile is not considered a medical necessity. But some insurance providers will consider and cover a part of the cost.

The only way to be sure is to contact your insurance provider and ask. If you do not have one yet and know that you will be eventually needing braces, look for an insurance policy that specializes in dental plans. They may be able to cover more of the cost for you.


We hope we have given you everything you need to know to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing Candid vs. Byte. Do not hesitate to dig a little deeper and do additional research on your own. After all, dental treatments are investments. You have to make sure you are getting your money’s worth by choosing an effective treatment.

When it comes to your teeth straightening needs, Candid and Byte can get the job done – in the end, it is a matter of preferences. But Candid and Byte do have a major difference, as you can see from this review.

Candid’s major advantage is the fact that you will be monitored by a licensed orthodontist – which means you will be dealing with a dental professional who has an extended knowledge of teeth straightening. If you want to make sure you only work with experts to get the best results, Choose Candid.

On the other hand, Byte’s major advantage is their HyperByte device, which helps lessen your treatment time. So, if you really want to deal with your dental issues in the fastest possible way, you should choose Byte.

Remember, although getting perfectly straight teeth is not really necessary, the condition of your teeth does say a lot about you as a person and it can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Getting clear aligner service – whether you are doing it out of necessity or just for aesthetics – will always be a good and beneficial move for you and your overall dental health.

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