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If so, then you’re in luck, because this article is all about Clear Retain. We will be looking into whether or not Clear Retain deserves its reputation as a high quality, low cost provider of clear aligners by looking into every aspect of this fast-growing teeth straightening company, from the effectiveness and cost of their products to the quality of their customer service. Near the end of this review you are also going to find a FAQ, which we hope will conveniently wrap up any unanswered questions you may have about Clear Retain and their products.

Without further ado, let us begin.

A detailed guide to ClearRetain

Everyone wants a straight smile, and with the increasing availability of affordable clear aligners more and more people are turning their dream of a better smile into reality. But considering how teeth straightening companies have sprouted like mushrooms in recent years, how do you know which aligner provider to go to for the best quality of product and service without breaking the bank?

ClearRetain may well be the answer for you, presuming that you are on the lookout for a orthodontist led treatment that centers quality, convenience and affordability. If this description sounds right, then US-based ClearCorrect has a lot to offer, including teeth retainers, mouth guards and teeth whitening products.

The appeal of ClearRetain is two-fold: Over the past few years, ClearRetain has burst into the conversation and has quickly built a reputation for providing a consistently high quality of service, but at a surprisingly low cost. What makes this possible is the fact that ClearRetain relies on a combination of the knowledge of highly experienced orthodontic technician combined with the latest technology, while cutting out the middleman, i.e. the dentist, who would otherwise mark up the aligners in order to make a profit.

We are sure you want to know more about ClearRetain and what makes the company stand out among its competitors. Here is everything you need to know, all broken down into easily digestible categories.


Most of the brand’s customers come to ClearRetain for high-quality, low cost clear aligners, but if you head on over to the shop section on the ClearRetain page, it will strike you that ClearRetain has quite a selection of products aimed at helping customers achieve and maintain a beautiful and radiant smile.

These products include a number of different retainers, night guards, sports guards, bleaching trays and teeth whitening gel, as well as gift cards and convent extras such as extra impression putty and the ability to digitally ‘file your smile,’ so that a digital profile on your teeth exists for future ClearRetain orders.

Of course, the clear retainers are what ClearRetain are best known for, and the website offers plenty of choice, tailored to your individual needs. There is the bestselling Upper and Lower Retainers Set, priced at $169 (Often, you’ll be able to get it even cheaper in one of ClearRetain’s many online sales), the Upper Teeth Retainer, which costs $99 and is the perfect choice if only your upper teeth need straightening, the corresponding Lower Teeth Retainer, which also costs $99 and is the best choice if your lower teeth are out of alignment.

As for nigh guards, ClearRetail has got you covered with the choice of a Hard Night Guard or a Soft Night Guard, priced at $135 and $115 respectively. The popular Clear Retain Bleaching Tray costs $139 and the Sports Teeth Guard $110. There are also several reasonably priced extras worth adding to your basket, such as the Three Pack Teeth Whitening Gel ($25), the Extra Impression Putty ($6), which is strongly recommended with every purchase, the File Your Smile digital profile of your teeth ($12), the Impression Remake Kit ($10), the Smile Saver Cleansing And Refreshing Spray ($19.95) and Gift Cards starting from $25.

What the solid catalogue of products tells you is that there are plenty of options for tailor-making your treatment with Clear Retain. Whether you only need some of the teeth in your upper or lower mouth adjusted, or want to combine your teeth straightening treatment with whitening or extra protection, ClearRetain is a one-stop-shop for all of your smile enhancement needs.

Price point

When it comes to price point, the ClearRetain company has a lot going for it. Prices on the ClearRetain website range between $6 and $169, meaning every single ClearRetain product costs less than $200.

Of course, price point has to be balanced out against quality of product and the service you receive, as a low price point does not necessarily indicate a good product – which is precisely why doing your own research by reading and watching reviews is such an important part of the process of choosing which teeth straightening company to go with.

Fortunately, ClearRetain’s business model is all about providing industry-standard quality to consumers on a budget, which means that ClearRetain does not skimp on quality, but rather cuts out all of the middlemen in order to be able to bring a high-quality product to consumers at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.

In addition to the reasonable prices, ClearRetain offer multiple different payment options as well as promo codes and frequent sales – all to make buying the products as accessible as possible. Usually, there is also the option of signing up for the ClearRetain company newsletter in exchange for discount codes sent to your email address.


The quality of ClearRetain aligners is up there with the industry giants, such as Invisalign and Smile Direct.

All ClearRetain aligners are made from a BPA-free material called Invisacryl Ultra, which provides maximum transparency, sturdiness and stain resistance, and the process by which ClearRetain aligners are made utilizes state-of-the-art equipment for a perfect fit.


Straightening your teeth with ClearRetain could not be any easier. We’ll walk you through the process of getting ClearRetain aligners in a later section, but the level of service customers can expect to receive is as high as it is expedient.

When you place an order from the ClearRetain page, you will be sent putty impression materials and a prepaid USPS First Class Mail shipping box to return your impressions in. When ClearRetain receive the impression you have made of your teeth at home, it usually takes no more than 3-4 business days for them to prepare your custom retainer and send it out to you.

In other words, there are no dental visits, no appointments, nothing that will eat into your schedule besides the very necessary steps of making impressions of your teeth and returning them, so that Clear Retain can manufacture your custom clear aligners.

Customer service

This conveniently brings us to the next category, customer service.

Customer service is an aspect of any purchase you make, whether online or offline, and it usually only comes into the picture when something goes wrong. If all is well, you probably won’t feel called to reach out to customer service, but if there is a problem with your order or something you are unable to figure out without some expert help, ClearRetain’s customer service is there to help you out.

In most cases, Clear Retain customers will not need to reach out to customer service, since all ClearCorrect products come with clear and detailed instructions, including instructional videos on how to make your dental impressions at home. However, if you find that you do need help or want to raise a query, there is a dedicated customer service team ready to help you.

Contact Information: Between the hours of 9AM and 4PM Monday through Friday, you can also phone ClearRetain’s customer service team on the number: (801)610-1358. You can also email them at or submit a support coupon giving the customer service team the relevant information about your issue via the form on the Clear Retain website.

What customers share

ClearRetain is a relatively new company, without the same long and lauded history as some of the best known brands in the teeth straightening space, such as for example Invisalign and Smile Direct. However, it is still very possible to find reviews online – you are reading one right now, for instance.

A good place to look for ClearRetain reviews is on YouTube and other social media platforms, where more and more have started cropping up. It doesn’t take a lot of searching to discover what customs most commonly have to share about their experience with ClearRetain: Most reviews highlight the surprising level of product quality, which stands in sharp contrast with the low price point. You also will be hard pressed to find a review where the reviewer fails to mention how quickly and expediently the whole process, from receiving the impression kit to sending it back and receiving the custom-made clear retainer is.

Another great place to look for reviews is on the ClearRetain website itself, where verified customer reviews share what you can expect from your ClearRetain retainer. Reading reviews by verified customers is always a good way of ensuring that the reviewer has tried and tested the product in question and is coming from an unbiased place when they are talking about it and rating it.

Here is what one reviewer has to say (About the Upper and Lower Retainer set) ‘this was for my daughter. the orthodontist wanted $600 to remake her one our dog ate the week after she got it. this was a great plan to use you all. fits perfectly!’

Another customer rating gushes ‘THE BEST! I am so thankful I found ClearRetain! These retainers are amazing. I can talk in them and they aren’t clunky and awkward. The whole process was smooth. Customer service was great and these retainers look great on so I could even wear them during the day. They are worth every penny, I promise.’

Most of the products on the ClearRetain website have hundreds of reviews, some of them with photos. Scrolling through them and reading both the good (And trust us, in the vast majority of the reviews the reviewer gives a full five stars), and the occasional review that is slightly more lukewarm help you gather enough information to form your own impression. To this end, it is very telling that out of the hundreds of ratings on each product, it is hard to find a single rating that is negative.

Who ClearRetain is perfect for

Anyone can place an order via the ClearRetain website, make an impression of their teeth at home and get sent a pair of aligners, but some are likely to benefit more from using ClearRetain aligners than others.

ClearRetain is the perfect teeth straightening treatment for those who want to straighten their teeth without compromising on the quality of treatment, but are on a limited budget that would prevent them from seeing an orthodontist in person. Orthodontists tend to charge a lot for ortho treatments, but with Clear Retain you can achieve similar results at a fraction of the price that an orthodontist dentist would charge you if you were to come into their practice looking to get your teeth straightened. ClearReain is also a great choice for those whose insurance may not cover teeth straightening.

Of course, there are cases where the misalignment of the teeth is so extreme that only in person dental visits can be the answer, but in most cases Clear Retain aligners are sufficient to address the misalignment or crowding issues you may be experiencing.

How to get Clear Retain aligners

Getting yourself a pair of Clear Retain aligners is wonderfully easy.

The first step is to decide whether you are looking to get retainers for your upper teeth, your lower teeth or both. Once you have decided, place your order, making sure to fill in your contact information correctly and to add any promo codes to your basket at checkout. (If you do not have a promo code, it might be worth checking whether you can sign up for the email newsletter in return for a promo code).

Provided that you have filled in your contact information correctly, you will receive your impressions kit in the mail within a few days or placing your order. The impressions kit contains everything you need to be able to make accurate impressions of your teeth at home to insure your ortho retainers turn out precisely as they should.

ClearRetain have done everything they can to make the impressions-taking process smooth and error free by providing detailed instructions via email and as written instructions that come with your impressions kit, as well as instructional videos that you can watch and follow on YouTube.

Many reviews share how important it is to take an accurate impression for the purposes of achieving the best results from your teeth straightening treatment.

Clearretain FAQ

Is Clear Retain legit?

Clear Retain is 100% legit and is a fantastic low-cost alternative if you cannot afford orthodontist treatment or your insurance doesn’t cover Invisalign.

Where can I get new retainers?

There are a great many teeth straightening businesses out there, but not all of them are of the same high quality yet low cost as ClearRetain.

If you are looking for the highest possible quality retainers on a tight budget, the best place to go is over to the shop page on the ClearRetain website to pursue the clear aligner options available, and to read the many positive reviews by verified customers.

How much is it for a set of clear retainers?

The price of a set of clear retainers can vary wildly, depending on whether you are buying them via orthodontists or directly from one of the many high-quality clear retainer companies out there.

ClearRetain is one of the most affordable yet high-quality teeth straightening companies on the market, with retainers starting from as little as $99 (Sometimes less, if you happen to run into one of the frequent sales or have signed up to the ClearRetain email newsletter in exchange for promo codes that you can enter at checkout for a hefty discount).

How do you use a clear retainer?

When your new set of retainers arrive from ClearRetain, they will come with clear instructions for how to put them in and how to wear them.

Wearing your new retains is going to feel uncomfortable at first, but you will soon adjust and get used to the sensation. You may also notice, initially, that your new retainer sits uncomfortably tight. This is perfectly normal, as a new retainer will have to be broken in, just like a new pair of shoes does.

Can I drink water with clear retainers?

Yes, drinking water while wearing your clear retainers is no issue. The reason for this is that water is a colourless liquid that doesn’t stain.

Although ClearRetain retainers are made from a stain-resistant material, they can still become discoloured if you frequently drink coffee, tea and other staining or highly acidic liquids while wearing them. For this reason, you should remove your clear aligners while eating or drinking foods or liquids that are likely to stain your aligners.

Can a retainer work as a night guard?

Although the two types of retainer look very similar, they are not the same, and a retainer should not be worn in place of a night guard (and vice versa).

Night guards are usually made from a tougher and more rigid material than a retainer, which is what makes it suitable for all-night wear, as you may grind your teeth, clench your jaw or otherwise be too forceful with your teeth for a regular retainer to handle it. Breaking a retainer is possible during normal daily wear, but if you wear it at night you are increasing the chances from unlikely to very likely.

What you should do instead of wearing your regular clear retainer to bed is get a dedicated night guard instead. Often, you will be able to purchase a night guard from the same business that sold and produced your retainer. ClearRetain is an example of a teeth straightening business selling both regainers for daily wear, and night guards.

Closing thoughts

Not many aligner businesses can claim having as much overwhelmingly positive customer feedback as ClearRetain, with most of the reviews you can find, both on ClearRetain’s website and in various other places around the internet giving the aligners five-star ratings, highlighting aspects such as quality, convenience and value for money.

One thing is clear after reading and watching as many reviews as possible: People love Clear Retain, and if you are looking to get your teeth straightened without having to shell out hundreds of dollars to orthodontists, then you will be hard pressed to find a better option than ClearRetain.

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