Invisalign Tips

A lot of people choose Invisalign aligners when it comes to getting an orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is one of the most popular ways to address mild to moderate orthodontic issues like crooked teeth, teeth gaps, crossbites, and underbites.

What makes Invisalign popular is the fact that they are barely noticeable. The invisible aligners are a huge improvement compared to the obvious metal mouth look that is associated with traditional metal braces.

The best part about this orthodontic treatment? Invisalign braces are not permanently fixed on your teeth. So you do not have to worry about food restrictions – all you have to do is take them off every time you have to eat or drink something!

If this is your first time to hear about Invisalign and you plan to get this treatment, you must make the best out of it. Invisalign does not come cheap so you better do what you can to make sure the treatment is a success.

But never fear! We have gathered a list of Invisalign tips and tricks that will not only ensure the success of your treatment but also make the whole treatment easy and comfortable for you.

Wear your aligners for the full 22 hours

Invisalign aligner trays should be worn for at least 22 to 24 hours each day. This seems to be such an easy thing to do but you would be surprised how many people have neglected this rule. Wearing your aligners below 22 hours can delay the expected progress of your treatment plan and may cause an extension of your treatment.

Clean your aligners regularly

This is pretty obvious. Your aligners should always be clean and sanitary. If you do not clean them, the discoloration can take place and this will lose its “invisible” look. Before you know it, people will start noticing them. It is best to clean your Invisalign aligners at least once a day so that they will remain clear and clean.

The best method to clean your aligners is to soak them in a denture cleaner. Never use toothpaste on them as toothpaste has abrasive materials that will affect the way your aligners look.

Floss and brush your teeth regularly

Of course, you also have to make sure your teeth are always clean too. Dental health is always important. Invisalign aligners will completely encase your teeth so it means that if there are any germs and bacteria near your teeth or gumline, they will be trapped. Your saliva will not be able to rinse them off.

Because of this, you have to floss and brush your teeth every time you take off your aligners. Otherwise, you will have an increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Always take off your aligners when you eat or drink

Clear aligners are removable so unlike metal braces, they do not give you any food restrictions or dietary limitations. Unlike traditional braces, you can just take them off whenever you want to eat or drink something.

However, we know that you should wear your aligners for at least 22 hours each day. This means you have only two hours for all your meals. Some may not even bother to take them off at all but this is a big mistake.

Food and drinks can stain your aligners. You may not notice it at first and think it’s okay but the stains can build up in no time. This is why you must take them off so that their clear look is maintained.

After eating, you have to take the time to brush your teeth, get rid of any food particles, and also clean your aligners before you put them back on.

Get a retainer case

It is so easy to lose and misplace your aligners when you take them off to eat. Leaving them out in the open will also expose them to a lot of bacteria. Aside from that, their clear look makes them hard to spot.

If you get Invisalign, we suggest you get one or two retainer cases so that you have something to store them in whenever you are not wearing them.

If possible, choose a bright colored case so that they are easy to spot in your bag or purse. It will also easily remind you whether you are wearing your aligners or not.

Do not miss your scheduled appointments

Just like traditional braces, the Invisalign treatment will require you to do several office visits throughout the treatment. You must always show up and follow your schedule. This is to ensure that the treatment plan is working and that adjustments can be made immediately if you need them.

Do not throw away your old aligners

During the treatment, you will be getting a set of aligners. Every few weeks, you will be told by your Invisalign provider to move on to the next set of aligner trays. Every time you wear a new aligner from the set, you know that it is a step closer to the end of treatment.

Although you are using a new set, it is still best that you hold on to your old aligners. They can be very useful in case you lose or break your current aligners. Replacement aligners or new aligner trays may take a while to create and ship to you.

In cases like these where you have to wait for some time, you can go back to wearing the old aligners you had before you moved on to the next set of aligner trays. The previous set can keep your teeth in place for the mean time while you wait for the replacement set to be ready.

Once you have the replacement set delivered to you, you can continue on with the treatment plan.

Use chewies to get a better fit

If you feel like your clear aligners are not fitting well or you are having trouble wearing them, use chewies. Chewies are a device that you can chew on to close any air bubbles between your aligners and your teeth. It will also help your aligners fit more comfortably.

Invisalign users find them most useful when you are switching to a new set. The next set of aligners in your Invisalign treatment is usually a tighter fit.

Choose your Invisalign provider properly

One mistake most patients make is to go to who offers a cheaper Invisalign fee. But the cheapest is not necessarily the best. There are a lot of dental professionals who offer a rate that is so much cheaper than others because they do not have that much experience with the treatment yet.

Before you settle on an Invisalign provider, make sure to make some calls to dental offices in the area so that you can compare. Try to see if you can get a free consultation. Go online and read reviews on their practice.

Aside from expertise and reputation, you should also choose an Invisalign provider that you feel comfortable with. Take note that you will be seeing them a couple of times throughout the treatment. If your provider does not make you feel comfortable, it could affect the treatment outcome for you.

Invisalign is a great treatment but only when it is done right. This is why finding the best orthodontist is important.

Wear your retainers after treatment

No matter what orthodontic treatment you get, wearing retainers is required aftercare. They are used to ensure that the results of your treatment will stay.

Teeth will shift naturally as you age. Wearing the retainers will make sure that the corrected position will stay in place for a long time.

You should have a customized retainer ready by the time you are on your last set so you can start wearing them right away when you finish treatment. This way, the new positions of your teeth will be preserved and you can have a longer lasting better smile.

Invisalign FAQs

How do I get the best results with Invisalign?

The best way to ensure treatment success is to follow the instructions of your Invisalign provider thoroughly. Wear your Invisalign aligners for the recommended number of hours and do not miss your dental office visits so that you can switch your Invisalign trays in time.

Does Invisalign aligners hurt?

Invisalign is almost a pain-free experience. Some people will be experiencing mild discomfort during the first few days of the treatment. But this is all because they are still adjusting to wearing the aligners. Once you have adjusted, you will be wearing them comfortably.

Take note that every time you move in to a new set of aligners, the discomfort may come back. This is because the new aligners will be tighter than the last one. As usual, all you have to do is let your teeth adjust to the sensation of wearing them and the discomfort will be gone in a day or two.

Do chewies really help Invisalign treatment?

The orthodontic chewies are made out of a soft plastic material and are created to improve the fit and comfort of your aligners. If you have difficulty putting them on because they feel tight, chewing on the chewies for about five minutes will help push the Invisalign trays in place. You should shift the chewie around your mouth especially in areas where you can see air bubbles.

Last thoughts

As you can see, wearing Invisalign aligners is not that hard. Most of these tips are good oral hygiene practices that you probably are practicing now. With all these Invisalign tips and tricks, your first Invisalign treatment will be an easy experience for you!

Apply these Invisalign tips and tricks into your routine and you will be coming out of this treatment with a straighter and better smile.

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