Motto Aligners vs Invisalign – What You Need to Know

Having a perfect smile can make you more attractive. From teeth whitening to clear aligners, a lot of people would go to great lengths to achieve that perfect smile. It’s no wonder why a lot of people are willing to pay a lot of money for cosmetic dentistry procedures and products like clear aligners to achieve the perfect smile.

If you want uniform, even teeth, there are two popular options in the market: Motto Aligners and Invisalign. If you want the best results (aka an improved smile), you need to choose the treatment properly so you can get the best value for your money. Use this guide to identify the difference between the two so you can make the right choice.

That said, if the main reason your holding back from invisible braces is their high cost – or the additional difficulties of seeing an orthodontist regularly – then you’re in luck.

In the last few months some amazing invisalign alternatives such as Byte and Candid have come onto the market offering aligners at fantastic value.

They do so through teledentistry – using impressions, photos and video appointments as an alternative to in-person orthodontist visits. These savings are passed onto you as the patient – without any compromise in quality and safety.

Prices are not guaranteed to stay low though as these services get more popular – check your elibility today to find out if you can lock in this great value for a lifetime of better smiles.

See our detailed comparisons of Candid vs Invisalign and Byte vs Invisalign here.

The career you deserve. The partner of your dreams. All can be unlocked with the help of a perfect smile.

Motto vs Invisalign: About Motto Aligners

Motto clear aligners are considered as one of the best in the market. It is created using high-quality materials and precision tech to ensure that every product fits comfortably and provides proper realignment.

Motto aligners are available through various plan options that are designed to give you the best smile you could have at a price that you can afford. Thus, you can choose a plan based on your lifestyle and budget. You will be working closely with a dentist during your treatment to ensure that you can get the correct treatment and the results you want in the duration of your treatment plan.

Motto Aligners take pride in the fact that you can get doctor-directed care throughout every step of your treatment. Once you get your starter tray, you can begin your treatment at home. The aligners are capable of treating simple to complex cases so anyone can use their products.

Motto Aligners vs Invisalign: About Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the frontrunners in the industry. In fact, it revolutionized the aligners industry when it introduced the patented Invisalign treatment – derived from the term “invisible aligners”. Prior to this brand being available in the market, people had to wear the traditional braces and aligners that were made from metal or ceramic. Aside from the fact that these products were visible and unappealing, they were also very painful.

Invisalign changed all that when it arrived into the market. It gives users the option to straighten their teeth comfortably (meaning no pain) with an in-person consultation and affordable monthly payment options.

The thing that sets Invisalign apart from the others in the market is in how the aligners are made. Since everyone’s teeth are unique, Invisalign has developed an accurate way to create a custom mold for your teeth. They use 3D imaging and iTero Element scanner to get the proper measurements. The aligners are also made with a specialized material that ensures a great and comfortable fit. Every aligner that is sent to patients are examined for high quality standards and to maintain the quality of the Invisalign brand.

To compare Motto Aligners and Invisalign, here is a breakdown of a few factors you might want to consider when choosing the ideal treatment plan.

Motto Aligners Vs Invisalign Cost

In terms of cost, Motto Aligners has three pricing plans you can choose from: the Essential plan at $1,999, the Plus plan at $2,499, and the Complete plan at $2,999. There are flexible financing options that allow you to pay your treatment for up to 60 months with or without putting down payment.

Invisalign, on the other hand, have varying costs depending on the specific case. According to the website, there are different costs involved depending on the severity of the treatment. To give you an idea, an Invisalign treatment cost ranges from $3,000 to $7,000.

The cost is definitely higher than most other teeth alignment treatment options in the market. However, you get what you pay for as both Motto Aligners and Invisalign are made with premium materials designed for comfort, flexibility, and effectiveness.

Invisalign Vs Motto Treatment Length

Since every case is different the actual treatment will vary from one person to another. For Motto Aligners, the average treatment period is 6 to 8 months. The treatment period for Invisalign is around the same length, too. It can be longer for more complex cases.

There is a consultation conducted prior to starting your treatment plan. This will enable the dental professionals to assess the extent of your teeth alignment problem. You will be able to determine how long the treatment will take.


Both Motto Aligners and Invisalign involve a professional orthodontist during the course of the treatment. Therefore, you can both get at-home customized treatment plan and the need for in-person consultation for the assessment of your treatment. There is an option to meet virtually for both of Motto Aligners and Invisalign.

The kit will be sent to you via mail so you can use it at home as instructed.

Customer Service

Motto Aligner has an excellent customer service and support team. You can access the support team anytime, anywhere if you need to consult about the progress of your treatment.

Inviisalign offers the same 24/7 chat and email support team. This is one of the things that set them apart from other brands. You can even request for an appointment online.


Since Motto Aligners are designed by orthodontists and is monitored by dental professionals throughout your treatment, you can expect quality results. There is even a live person support that is available 24/7 in case you have questions about your aligners or the treatment. This is part of Motto Aligner’s commitment to help their clients achieve the smile they will love.

To give their clients confidence about the results of using their products, they have included the MottoAssured seal to all of their treatment plans. It is a guarantee that the team won’t stop at anything until you get the right adjustments to achieve perfectly aligned teeth.

In terms of results, Invisalign has been getting a lot of positive feedback from its clients. The website provides a few of the before and after photos of clients that you can check to see the transformation of their smiles. The secret to your success with this type of treatment is in the Smile Assessment, which is done prior to the start of your treatment.

Invisalign also uses industry-leading technology and the patented SmartTrack material that is specifically engineered for the Invisalign system. As a result, each aligner is individually trimmed to fit the client’s unique teeth profile while also being a pain-free solution.

Other Motto Aligners Alternatives

Motto Aligners and Invisalign are two of the best options in the market for anyone who wishes to straighten their teeth discreetly. However, these are not the only ones available to choose from as there are plenty of other brands in the market.

Motto vs Candid

This is an at-home teeth straightening option with the use of clear aligners that is supervised by certified orthodontists (that specialize in teeth alignment). Aside from the professional guidance during treatment, Candid is one of the more inexpensive options in the market that costs up to 50% less than top brands like Invisalign.

It is a budget-friendly alternative that gets the job done, especially since your teeth will be scanned after 10-14 days to see if there is a need for adjustment. The overall treatment takes roughly 6 months. Unlike most of the clear aligners here, you need to wear retainers by the end of your treatment period.

Motto Vs Byte

Byte is a good alternative for those who are looking for cheaper alternatives to Motto Aligners and Invisalign. To get you started on your treatment, you will be sent a home impression kit that has everything you need to take teeth impressions at home. Unlike most of the other treatment options here, this one does not require in-person consultation.

Once your impression is sent back, a customized treatment plan will be provided to you along with your customized aligners. You need to wear the aligners for the duration of your treatment plan. You must wear your aligners at least 22 hours a day for maximum results. You will also be provided a free set of retainers during your first course of treatment.

Byte has two payment options: single payment or a monthly financing option known as BytePay.

Motto Vs AlignerCo

AlignerCo is another treatment option for those looking for realignment that is budget-friendly. Its price point is up to 40% lower than the industry average. Just like other brands, AlignerCo provides you with a custom aligner that will be sent directly to you for use over a recommended period of time. You can also get treatment for other dental issues such as overbite, reverse bite, crossbite, and more.

You must wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day for the next few months. It also has a NightOnly option for those who prefer to wear their aligners at night. It showcases the brand’s flexibility in providing options to clients based on what fits their lifestyle and needs.

If you have misaligned or crooked teeth, there is hope for you. The abundance of options when it comes to at-home teeth straightening treatment using clear aligners means that you can achieve your desired smile. Take the above information to mind so you can choose the best treatment for your lifestyle and budget.

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