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If you’re looking to start your Plusdent treatment in Birmingam then you’re in luck. The PlusDent Birmingham clinics are:

The Edgbaston Dental Centre – 127 Pershore Road, Edgbaston, B5 7NX.

The Top Medical Clinic Birmingham – 89A Allison Street, B5 5TH

Getting started with PlusDent is quite straightforward – first you need to book an appointment online for a 3D dental scan and initial assessment. You don’t need to contact the Edgbaston Dental Centre or Top Medical Clinic directly. Simply fill in this form with PlusDent and you’ll be booked a slot.

Both these clinics usually have plenty of slots available throughout the day within about two weeks of booking so you can fast-track your way to your perfect smile.

If you’re confirmed to be eligible for their treatment, you’ll be told what treatment plan you will need (short, normal or complex) by PlusDent and that then dictates the price you’ll pay and the length of the treatment.

Depending on your plan, treatment with PlusDent’s clear aligners will last between 4 and 6 months and the cost can vary from £1390 to £1990 as a once-off payment. PlusDent offers flexible monthly payment options over 12, 24, 36 or 48 months which makes its treatment quite affordable, starting from as little as £34.63 a month up to £173.10 a month.

There are lots of reasons to smile about orthodontics and many happy customers have transformed their lives and gained self confidence through the use of aligners.

PlusDent was founded in 2017 and is a Berlin-based health-tech company. Its clear aligners are used to aesthetically correct orthodontic alignment issues. The company specialises in digital dentistry whereby patients are treated remotely using a digital dentistry app. Through its digitisation of the aligner treatment process, PlusDent is able to give customers easier and more affordable access to orthodontic services.

Eva-Maria Meijnen, PlusDent’s Managing Director, says that modern technologies and digitalization in dentistry “offers us completely new opportunities to combine the highest medical standards with transparent and affordable pricing”.

The Edgbaston Dental Centre

Many reviews promote the friendly and accessible nature of the Edgbaston dental centre with kind, helpful receptionists and expert doctors. In fact, they offer special treatment for nervous or phobic patients who need extra support – although this is unlikely to be needed for PlusDent scans.

They are located on the corner of Speedwell Road and Pershore Road (A441) some 5 minutes from the city centre. Buses that run along Pershore Road are the number 45 and 47 or 61, 62, 63 that run along the Bristol Road (A38).

The surgery has suitable disabled access providing ramps and downstairs surgery with allocated disabled parking. If you require to be seen downstairs please inform their reception team.

Top Medical Clinic Birmingham

Top Medical offers a range of medical services – including dental – through its small network of clinics in Hounslow, Croydon and Birmingham.

The Birmingham clinic is centrally-located within walking distance of The Bullring and New Street station.

PlusDent Birmingham Alternatives

PlusDent vs Straight My Teeth Birmingham

Straight My Teeth started operating in the UK and Ireland in 2018 and has partnered with a company that produces their aligners which are FDA and MHRA approved. 

Both businesses offer fixed pricing options as well as flexible payment plans. That means you can either pay a once-off amount or in monthly instalments. However, PlusDent offers more flexibility in terms of payment as it has three different treatment plans (short, normal and complex) and each one has a corresponding monthly instalment fee with your choice of whether to pay over 12, 24, 36 or 48 months which makes it very affordable. 

Straight My Teeth on the other hand, only has a once-off SmileAdvantage payment of  £999 or a SmileFlex Easy monthly payment plan over 12 months which requires an initial down payment of £295 and then its £67.00 per month. If you opt for their NightOnly option, then you’ll pay a little more: £1149 as a once-off amount or £75 a month for 12 months with a £349 down payment if you opt for their NightFlex Easy monthly payment plan.

In terms of overall cost, Straight My Teeth is cheaper (and they also have regular discounts) if you will be paying upfront for the whole treatment, but if you will be paying in instalments, then PlusDent might be cheaper depending on your plan. An advantage with PlusDent’s instalment payments is that you don’t have any downpayment. Straight My Teeth gives discounts to active and retired military personnel, but there are no standard discounts with PlusDent.

After treatment, retainers are usually recommended and these need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Retainers cost £99 with both companies, although Straight My Teeth includes your first pair free which is an advantage.

PlusDent offers remote treatment with their aligner system which is digitally monitored by their orthodontists and dentists in accordance with your individual treatment plan. You can take regular photos (every 8 weeks) to update your dentist on your progress and submit them via the PlusDent app. This allows professionals to measure and monitor your results and give feedback via email, as well as to adjust your treatment where necessary. You also have the choice of connecting with the dental care team via telephone if you have any questions.

With Straight My Teeth you will be assigned a Smile Crew Member who will be the person you can contact with any concerns or questions – and they will act as a liaison between you and your dentist. They don’t currently have an app and liaising with your dentist for check-ins is not as convenient as with PlusDent’s app and call center. 

Straight My Teeth have only one Smile Studio office in Ashford (just outside London) where you can go to get a free scan – or you can purchase their impression kit for £49. If you are found to be an unsuitable candidate for aligners after completing your dental impressions, then you will get a full refund.

PlusDent vs Invisalign Birmingham

Invisalign has an impressive reputation, having treated 9 million people worldwide with their invisible aligners. They have a large network of doctors, spanning over 100,000 globally. What makes them quite unique is their ability to treat complex cases. Furthermore, the company has invested significant resources into research and development and aim to maximise the safety, comfort and durability of their aligners. 

Invisalign is a well established international brand of aligners that can treat a much broader range of cases than most clear aligner companies. That is why many of its treatments are more comparable with braces in terms of treatment times and pricing, as complex cases generally take longer to treat. For that reason, their aligners are also generally much more expensive than PlusDent’s, although for mild alignment issues they do have an express option which may be quite similar to PlusDent in terms of pricing.

However, Invisalign does not provide fixed pricing like PlusDent and you will need to have a consultation with a dentist or orthodontist to establish what the costs will be as they are dependent on your particular set of dental care issues. 

You can expect to pay between £1,500 up to £5,000 for Invisalign treatment, compared with £1390 to £1990 for PlusDent if paying upfront. 

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