Smile Direct Club Whitening Reviews

Are you on the hunt for unbiased and to-the-point Smile Direct Club whitening reviews? Well, you have come to right place.

In this article, we aim to give you a comprehensive overview over what you can expect from the Smile Direct Club whitening experience. We are going to look at everything from the process to the price, as well as other details about the Smile Direct Club whitening products which will give you a good idea of how effective the Smile Direct Club whitening treatment really is.

Without further ado, let us go right in.

Smile Direct Club teeth whitening – one of the best routes to whiter teeth?

We all dream of a perfectly white smile, don’t we? Whether your teeth happen to have a yellow or grey hue naturally, as some do, or they have acquired surface stains through years of smoking or drinking staining substances like coffee and red wine, whiter teeth can be yours for much less than you think.

Just a few short years ago, people wanting whiter teeth had no other option than to head into their dentist’s office and pay extortionately for whichever teeth whitening treatment their local dentist was able to provide. Now, however, there are so many more teeth whitening options on the menu. Smile Direct Club’s teeth whitening treatment is one of them.

When deciding on a teeth whitening treatment, you should always research the different options available by reading thorough-going, unbiased teeth whitening reviews until you have gained a clear picture of what to expect from your treatment of choice. Having said that, a number of factors combine to make Smile Direct Club a fantastic choice if you are looking for teeth whitening treatment that ticks all of the boxes. 

First of all, Smile Direct Club is inexpensive. Indeed, the highest-priced teeth whitening product you can find in Smile Direct Club’s web shop is the Pro Whitening System Plus teeth whitening kit priced at $90, and did we mention that this convenient kit contains everything you need to get your teeth up to 9 shades whiter?

Secondly, Smile Direct Club is ultra-convenient. There are no visits to your dentist’s office since all of Smile Direct Club’s whitening products are available to order online and will be sent straight to your door. Everything comes with easy-t0-follow instructions and each product has been designed to be easy to use at home.

Thirdly, Smile Direct Club’s teeth whitening products are completely safe to use, even if you are ‘cursed’ with very sensitive teeth. The issues some people face with teeth whitening gels and other products intended to whiten teeth is that the chemicals in the products are too forceful and end up damaging the enamel on the teeth, which is a catastrophe, particularly if you are already dealing with tooth sensitivity to begin with.

A fourth and final reason to fall in love with Smile Direct Club’s whitening pens and other products is that they work. The several thousands of reviews by real customers raving about their results and showing them off on social media as well as on independent review sites all over the internet speak louder than any marketing campaign ever could.

But, I hear you ask, what are the minuses, or the cons of using Smile Direct Club to whiten your teeth? 

Rather than cons, there are things you should be aware of and keep in mind when choosing Smile Direct Club for your teeth whitening treatment. 

Many Smile Direct Club teeth whitening reviews fail to mention that there usually is no dentist involved in your Smile Direct Club teeth whitening treatment, unless, of course, you happen to live near one of the growing number of SmileShop locations or SmileDirectClub Partner Network dental offices, which are dotted around the globe.

If you don’t live near a SmileShop or an affiliated dentist’s office, Smile Direct Club provide accessible customer service through their website, but ultimately, you are responsible for your own treatment and for following the instructions that come with the whitening products to the letter. It might surprise you, but some people can be tempted to whiten their teeth more frequently than what ice recommended by Smile Direct Club, or they may use more of the whitening agent than they should. In other words, when you are administering the treatment yourself, there is bigger room for potential human error.

As long as you are are of what your Smile Direct Club teeth whitening treatment entails, namely a stellar teeth whitening treatment paired with, in most cases, only remote monitoring, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and place your teeth whitening product order on the Smile Direct Club website today.

Teeth whitening with Smile Direct Club: What to expect

Smile Direct Club is an innovative, US-based oral care company that is perhaps best known for its affordable and effective clear aligners. More recently, however, Smile Direct Club has also been garnering a buzz thanks to their extensive selection of teeth whitening products, including whitening kits, whitening strips, whitening pens and LED whitening mouthpieces.

All of Smile Direct Club’s teeth whitening products have been developed specifically to be effective, high quality and easy to apply and use. Full treatments can be had for under $100, which makes Smile Direct Club a wonderfully accessible alternative when compared to tradition in-person treatments at a dentist’s office.

The Smile Direct Club system is able to deliver such high quality products at such low prices precisely because they cut out the middleman (i.e. the dentist) and deliver teeth whitening products – along with easy-to-follow instructions – direct to the doors of their customers. Because Smile Direct Club is based in the United States, international orders can take a little longer to ship, but typically no more than four weeks.

Smile Direct Club’s whitening gel has been specially formulated to be both effective and enamel safe. Some forms of whitening gel have been known to damage enamel, which is a major problem, especially for people already dealing with tooth sensitivity. With Smile Direct Club’s whitening formula you will never experience this problem.

When you receive your Smile Direct Club teeth whitening kit, it will contain everything you need to be able to whiten your teeth up to 9 shades in just one week, with results lasting up to six months after completing your treatment. 

You should keep in mind that teeth whitening results are not forever, but rather last a period of time which is somewhat dependent on your lifestyle. If your diet is very acidic and you tend to ingest a lot of fresh fruit, or drink lots of coffee or other teeth-straining drinks such as red wine, your results are likely to deteriorate faster than if you are leading a less acidic lifestyle. As a rule of thumb, you should expect your teeth whitening results to last approximately six months before it is time for a teeth whitening top up, assuming you would like to maintain your results once you have achieved them.

You will be self-administering your whitening treatment, but Smile Direct Club has made it easy for you to do so by including everything you need to be able to use the products contained in your kit correctly as well as monitor your own results.

Top Smile Direct Club teeth whitening products

Which teeth whitening products do you need? 

The Smile Direct Club website offers up plenty of options, but knowing which teeth whitening kit to pick can seem difficult. In the hope of making the decision-making process a little easier for you, here is a brief overview over the top Smile Direct Club teeth whitening products that we recommend.

Wireless Premium Teeth Whitening Kit – 1 treatment-size whitening pen + rechargeable wireless light

If this is your first time whitening your own teeth, we recommend purchasing the Wireless Premium Teeth Whitening Kit, which is the upgraded and improved version of Smile Direct Club’s original Premium Teeth Whitening Kit and contains everything a teeth whitening novice needs to get their teeth up to 9 full shades whiter.

The Wireless Premium Teeth Whitening Kit contains a Wireless Whitening Light, which is fully reusable, rechargeable and featuring Smile Direct Club’s patented 20-LED light technology for next-level whitening. The whitening kit also contains an easy-to-use applicator pen with enough whitening gel to last a week.

How it works

Whitening your teeth using the Wireless Premium Teeth Whitening Kit is easy peasy. Simply apply the gel twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening for a full week. You should see the same results as is normally expected from a two-week treatment.

Thanks to the appropriately sized applicator, applying the correct amount of whitening gel is easy. Simply twist the bottom of the pen until a droplet of gel appears on the brush. Now brush your teeth with the gel until it foams. 

The next step is to turn on the Wireless Whitening Light and wear it for five minutes while the teeth whitening gel is working its magic and bleaching your teeth. Once the whitening accelerator light switches itself off, remove it from your mouth and spit out any excess foam. Rinse your mouth as well as the light, and you’re done.

What it costs

The Wireless Premium Teeth Whitening Kit is priced at $45.

Where to get it

The Wireless Premium Teeth Whitening Kit is available here.

Pro Whitening System Plus – 3 steps to boost results, whiten teeth, prevent stains

The Pro Whitening System Plus whitening kit contains everything you could possibly want or need in terms of teeth whitening. It is, as Smile Direct Club themselves describe it, their most complete and convenient teeth whitening system yet.

The Pro Whitening System Plus kit enables you to whiten your teeth in three powerful steps: Step 1 is the ProActivate™ Whitening Accelerator, which preps the teeth and can create up to 65% whiter results, step 2 is the ProBrighten Premium Teeth Whitening gel which does the heavy lifting, and step 3 is the ProLong™ Whitening Extender which promotes long-lasting results. When these three steps are used together twice a day for a week, customers can expect twice the whitening results than what a one-week whitening treatment would normally provide.

How it works

The Pro Whitening System Plus works in much the same way as the Wireless Premium Teeth Whitening Kit, with a few twist. Whereas the Wireless Premium Teeth Whitening Kit only uses one type of whitening gel, the Pro Whitening System Plus uses three, each following and amplifying the previous one.

What it costs

The Pro Whitening System Plus is priced at $90.

Where to get it

The Pro Whitening System Plus is available here.

Pro Whitening Boost & Extend – Before and after whitening extenders

If you are concerned about maintaining your new white smile once you have achieved it, the Pro Whitening Boost & Extend bundle is precisely what you need. This bundle was developed to help customers ‘bookend’ their whitening results and extend the shelf lives of their new smiles.

The Pro Whitening Boost & Extend bundle comes with a tube of ProActivate™ Whitening Accelerator, which is to be applied before the whitening treatment itself, and two ProLong™ Whitening Extender pens containing 14 applications per pen, which is to be added after.

How it works

The Pro Whitening Boost & Extend bundle is intended to be applied on either side of your teeth whitening treatment. 

The ProActivate™ Whitening Accelerator is to be applied first, and is capable of boosting your whitening results more than 50% – that’s a boost worth taking, don’t you think? The ProLong™ Whitening Extender product protects and makes the results last significantly longer.

What it costs

The Pro Whitening Boost & Extend is priced at $25.

Where to get it

The Pro Whitening Boost & Extend is available here.

Smile Direct Club teeth whitening reviews FAQ

Does Smile Direct whitening work?

Absolutely. Thousands of enthused reviews by real customers who have gone through their Smile Direct Club treatment speak for themselves on review sites such as Trustpilot but also on social media.

With a teeth whitening kit from Smile Direct Club most customers have reported being able to get their teeth up to 9 shades whiter, which for most people constitutes a remarkable difference between before and after.

Does Smile Direct Club whiten teeth?

Oh, yes. Smile Direct Club are about so much more than just clear aligners and over on the Smile Direct Club website, you will find an entire section dedicated to teeth whitening products.

Like its famous aligners, Smile Direct Club’s whitening treatment options are of extremely high quality, super effective, and gentle even on sensitive teeth.

Is the Smile Direct Club worth it?

One word: Yes.

A beautifully white smile is invaluable, and Smile Direct Club makes that possible at a fraction of what it would cost if you were to go to a dentist to get your teeth whitened. Smile Direct Club products, including the increasingly popular teeth whitening products, are extremely high quality and yield reliably powerful results. A one-week Smile Direct Club whitening kit is able to make your teeth up to 9 shades whiter, and the results can easily last six months at a time before it is time to top up your treatment.

Do LED lights really whiten teeth?

Yes and no. The LED light itself does not whiten teeth, but it does cause the chemical compounds in the whitening gel to activate, which in turn whitens the teeth. 

How long does Smile Direct whitening last?

Smile Direct Club teeth whitening tends to last approximately 6 months. Your lifestyle impacts whether or not your results might last a little shorter or a little longer, but you should expect to have to maintain your brilliantly white smile every six months or so.

How often should I whiten my teeth Smile Direct Club?

With Smile Direct Club’s whitening treatment it is possible to whiten your teeth up to nine shades in just a week’s time – what’s more, the whitening results last up to 6 months, so re-whitening your teeth every six months is ideal in order to maintain your teeth at a brilliantly white level.

Can yellow teeth become white?

The short answer is yes.

The slightly longer and more complex answer is that there are different kinds of yellow teeth. Some teeth have a yellow, blue or gray tone naturally, while others have become that way over time as a result of diet, smoking or medication staining the teeth. It is easier to whiten yellow teeth that have a yellow hue naturally than it is to whiten teeth that have been stained by food, drink or medication. Either way, whitening yellow teeth so they become white is absolutely doable – some teeth are simply more stubborn and require more whitening than others.

Closing thoughts

If you have not yet tried Smile Direct Club whitening treatments and products, you absolutely should. A bright, white and beautiful smile is something we all aspire to, and yours might be much faster, easier and cheaper to obtain than you had expected.

Thanks to its innovative, sensitive teeth-friendly whitening products, Smile Direct Club has become a leading provider of teeth whitening oral care. Thousands of happy customers reviewing their treatments on independent review sites such as speak for themselves.

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