SnapCorrect vs. Smile Direct Club

Straight teeth do not only give you a better smile but also better dental health. When you straighten your teeth, you do not only get to take care of your oral health and look better, you also get to boost your self-confidence.

Luckily enough, teeth straightening is more accessible these days thanks to invisible teeth aligners, which offer a remote solution to your needs. Straighter teeth and the perfect smile can be achieved in just a few months for a cheaper price!

SnapCorrect and SmileDirectClub are two established brands in the home aligner market today. These invisible aligners have a lot in common as remote teeth straightening treatments. Both teeth aligners are also more affordable than Invisalign or traditional braces.

But these two teeth aligners have their major differences as well. The difference between the two brands can make or break your purchase decision.

Here, we compare SnapCorrect vs. SmileDirectClub on how they fare under important features that should be considered when purchasing invisible aligners.

Company background


SnapCorrect has been around since 2017. It is the sister company of Beaming White, one of the leading whitening product suppliers in the beauty industry.

Although quite new compared to other brands in the market today, they have been able to compete well because of their affordability and quality.

SnapCorrect has been operating in over 24 countries, including the USA, Russia, Australia, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The headquarters is located in Vancouver, Washington.


SmileDirectClub is a company that has been around since 2014. It is one of the first teeth aligners to go for remote treatment.

Since then, it has built itself into one of the biggest remote clear aligner brands in the market. Their headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee.

SmileDirectClub has gained quite a reputation for its wide reach internationally. They stand out also as a very accessible company, with hundreds of SmileShops spread out all over the globe.

How to start treatment


To start your SnapCorrect treatment, you have to start with an assessment test, where you answer basic questions about your teeth and why you want to be treated with clear aligners.

Then, you need to order an impression kit. The kit will contain everything you need to make your own dental impression for your teeth. Then, you have to send back the impression kit to SnapCorrect. You also will be asked to upload clear photos of your teeth and send them to the SnapCorrect team via email.

SnapCorrect will ask you to fill out a Medical History and Consent to Treat questionnaire, which gathers your dental history. You may want to get a checkup from your regular dentist to help you fill that out.

You will have to wait for the SnapCorrect team to evaluate your impressions, photos, and the form to formulate a customized treatment plan. This usually takes about two to three weeks.

If you are not an ideal candidate for invisible aligners, SnapCorrect will give you a refund.

Once the treatment plan is ready, a presentation will be sent to you through e-mail. Here, you will get to see how your teeth are expected to move into place during the treatment. You will also be given an idea of how your teeth would look like by the end of the treatment.

Once you approve, the treatment plan, the SnapCorrect team will start making your teeth aligners and will deliver them to your doorstep.


The SmileDirectClub treatment starts with a quick assessment test that you take on their website. The test will only take a few minutes of your time and it will determine whether you qualify as a candidate or not.

If you do qualify for treatment, you will be given the go signal to order the SmileDirectClub impression kit online. And all you have to do is wait for the kit to be delivered to your doorstep.

Once the kit arrives, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. This is very important so that your invisible aligners will fit properly and be snug enough to ensure movement of the teeth.

After you make your impressions, you will have to send them back to the SmileDirectClub where the impressions will be assessed by a dental professional. If they find that your dental situation can not be handled by clear aligners, you will be able to get a full refund for the money you spent on the impression kit.

If you qualify, a dentist or orthodontist will be assigned to your case and a treatment plan will be created for you. Once the treatment plan is approved, they will start creating your clear aligners and all you have to do is wait for the kit to be delivered to your home.

Another option to start with SmileDirectClub is to visit any SmileShop. In the USA alone, there are over 300+ SmileShops spread out in the country. It will not be hard to find one near you.

You can make an appointment to get a free consultation. Instead of having to deal with an impression kit, the SmileShop will do a 3D scan of your teeth and send those scans to the lab.

Treatment method


Once you receive your SnapCorrect invisible aligners, you should read the instructions given to you and wear them as directed.

Once you have reached the end of your treatment, you will have to wear retainers to ensure that your teeth will not move back to their original position.


Once you receive your SmileDirectClub teeth aligners, you will be monitored remotely. There is no need to go back to a SmileShop or do a dental office visit. Everything will be virtual from this point forward.

You will be given a SmileDirectClub account and you will be using that online account to communicate with the dental professional assigned to your case. You will be notified when it is time to move on to the next set of clear aligners from your kit.

Once you have reached the end of your treatment plan, you will have to wear retainers. This ensures that your teeth will not fall back into their original position.

SmileDirectClub also has the Lifetime Smile Guarantee. This means that they will give you a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service for the first 30 days of your treatment plan. You will also get free aligner touch-ups during your treatment plan and after your treatment plan is over.

Treatment options


SnapCorrect only offers all-day teeth aligners.

The SnapCorrect aligner kit includes teeth whitening products and a free retainer. When your treatment ends, you qualify for a supply of free whitening gel for life.


You get two treatment options from SmaileDirectClub. The standard teeth aligners are for all-day use and the nighttime clear aligners are for bedtime use.

Aside from the aligners, you will be receiving a teeth whitening kit for free in your aligner package. The whitening kit is included no matter what type of treatment you choose.

Treatment time


The SnapCorrect aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours each day. The average treatment time is 3 to 18 months, depending on the severity of your case.


For the standard aligners, the SmileDirectClub clear braces should be worn for at least 22 hours per day. The average treatment time is 4 to 6 months.

For the nighttime aligners, you have to wear the clear braces for at least 10 hours each night. The average treatment time is 10 months.



The invisible aligners from SnapCorrect are made out of smooth, glossy clear plastic material. Some people would find the material too shiny, giving your teeth an unnatural shine. This may attract unwanted attention to your teeth. However, some find the shine acceptable because they feel it helps brighten their smile.

SnapCorrect aligners are trimmed to match your gum line to make it look better and to have a more comfortable fit. This may look more presentable but a gum line cut is actually less effective, power-wise.


The invisible aligners from SmileDirectClub are made out of textured and frosted plastic material. The frosted texture is considered to be better looking since it matches the surface of your teeth. This means the braces will look more realistic and less obvious on the surface of your teeth.

The aligners are straight cut, meaning they will overlap your gums. This could make your aligners more visible but it also means that this gives the aligners more power since it clings to your gums as well.



SnapCorrect is partnered with Essix, a well-known manufacturer of plastics designed for dental products. This assures users that the aligners are made out of high-quality products.


SmileDirectClub used to be partnered with Align Technology, which is also affiliated with Invisalign. However, the partnership has dissolved lately. These days, SmileDirectClub is producing its own aligners, which may have affected the level of quality.



The impression kit costs $95. SnapCorrect will give a full refund if you do not qualify for treatment.

The SnapCorrect aligners cost $1749 upfront. A monthly installment plan of $80.84 is also available. SnapCorrect is also partnered with Affirm and if you choose them for your payment, you can choose monthly installments of 6, 12, or 24 months. There is no down payment for the installment but choosing this option will require you to go through a credit check.


The impression kit costs $59. If you do not qualify for treatment, you will be given a full refund.

What makes SmileDirectClub’s pricing stand out among its competitors is that you pay the same price whether you choose an all-day or nighttime aligner. Usually, the night aligners are sold at a higher price. The upfront price for SmileDirectClub is $1950.

Installment payment plans are available through SmilePay, where you pay $89 per month. The installment requires a downpayment but there will be no need to do a credit check.

Orthodontic issues it can handle


SnapCorrect aligners can handle minor to moderate cases of crooked teeth, dental crowding, underbites, overbites, and tooth gaps.


SmileDirectClub aligners are used to treat minor to moderate cases of bite correction, rotation, gaps, and crowding.

Provider network


SnapCorrect works with dental technicians in their treatment, along with dentists and orthodontists. You will most likely be assigned to a dental professional coming from the same state you are in.

SnapCorrect does not specify the duties of these dental technicians or how involved they are in the treatment. But legally, a licensed dentist or orthodontist is required to handle your treatment.


SmileDirectClub’s provider network consists of licensed general dentists and orthodontists. You will most likely be assigned to a dental professional coming from the same state you are in.

Although dentists are qualified to handle mild to moderate orthodontic issues, an orthodontist is always the better choice for your needs since it is their specialty.

Customer service


SnapCorrect has standard options when it comes to customer service. You can give them a call, send an e-mail, or do a live chat with an agent on their website during standard office hours.

SnapCorrect does not have a lot of reviews concerning their customer support but it does appear that they are very responsive.


SmileDirectClub has standard options when it comes to customer service. You can give them a call, send an e-mail, or do a live chat with an agent on their website during standard office hours.

They used to have negative reviews about the quality of their customer service in the past years but lately, they have improved. The latest customer reviews and feedback shows that they are satisfied.

Waiting time


You will have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks for your treatment plan but this is because they have to review your dental history, impressions, and photos too.

Once you approve the projected post-treatment smile SnapCorrect presented to you, you will be asked to wait for 2 to 4 weeks for them to create and deliver the aligners to your home.


The SmileDirectClub dental team will create your treatment plan within 72 hours.

After you approve the treatment plan they presented to you, SmileDirectClub will ask you to wait for 4 to 6 weeks to produce and deliver your aligners.

SnapCorrect vs. SmileDirectClub FAQs

SnapCorrect vs Smile Direct Club: Which one is better?

SmileDirectClub has more to offer compared to SnapCorrect. Aside from being a more established brand, it also gives you the option of going for nighttime treatment.

Another advantage SmileDirectClub has over SnapCorrect is the fact that it is more accessible, with hundreds of SmileShops all over the world. This means you do not have to buy an impression kit and make your own molds when there’s a SmileShop near you.

SnapCorrect has no physical location so you have no choice but to work with an impression kit if you want to get home teeth aligners from this brand.

SnapCorrect vs Smile Direct Club: Which one is cheaper?

Among the two teeth straightening options, SnapCorrect is cheaper than SmileDirectClub.

SmileDirectClub’s impression kit may be cheaper but SnapCorrect’s aligner kit package is $200 less.

The monthly installments are cheaper compared to SmileDirectClub’s rates too. However, since a credit check is required to avail of SnapCorrect’s installment plan, this may be a hindrance if you have a bad credit score.

Are SnapCorrect and SmileDirectClub covered by insurance?

This depends on your insurance provider and what type of insurance policy you have with them. Home aligners are sometimes covered.

Most of the time, they are considered a cosmetic treatment. Especially if you only have general health or dental insurance coverage. The only way to have them covered under these types of policies is if you prove that they are a medical necessity.

If you have orthodontic benefits in your insurance policy, your invisible aligners will be covered partially, the most coverage you can get is half the total cost.

It is best to talk to your insurance provider first since it is the only sure way to know what level of coverage you can get. Clarify this before you start treatment so that you do not get surprised later on when you realize you do not have coverage.

Are invisible aligners effective?

Since treatment is being done remotely, the effectiveness of home aligners is often questioned. So, does it work? The answer is yes. Home aligners have proven to give thousands of customers around the globe a better and straighter smile.

But take note that they are effective when it comes to milder cases of misalignment and spacing. If you have a severe dental issue, you will be most likely rejected for treatment and be advised to get Invisalign or an in-office orthodontic treatment like metal braces.

Since home aligners do not require an office visit and personal monitoring, they will not be able to treat severe conditions. So, as long as you do not have any severe orthodontic issues, rest assured that home aligners will work for you.

What makes teeth aligners better than braces?


Having immediately obvious orthodontics happening can be embarrassing. The strongest selling point home aligners have over braces is the fact that they look better. It does not have the “metal mouth” look that is not so desirable when you are an adult. In fact, they are barely noticeable, hence they are truly invisible aligners.


Home aligners are more comfortable compared to metal braces. The experience is pain-free for most people. The only discomfort you will feel is the adjustment period during the first one or two days but it all goes away easily once you get used to wearing the invisible braces.


Clear aligners are also more convenient because they are removable. You can take them off when you have an important speaking engagement so you do not have to worry about it affecting your speech. You also take them off when you eat or drink something so you do not have to worry about any food restrictions.

Treatment time

Another advantage you get is that teeth aligner treatment is shorter. Metal braces are usually worn for a year or two. Clear aligners can fix treat your problem as quickly as 3 months! This will depend on the severity of your case, of course.


While expensive braces treatments can cost you about $4000 to $9000, clear aligners will cost you about $1000 to $4000. That is a huge difference! Why would you spend a lot of money when you only have a mild dental issue to fix? A home aligner can give you straighter teeth easily at more than half the price!

Daytime vs. nighttime invisible teeth aligners

SnapCorrect offers daytime aligners while SmileDirectClub offers both daytime and nighttime aligners. Is there a major difference?

There is a huge difference. Wearing invisible braces requires commitment and discipline. For daytime aligners, you have to wear them for at least 20 hours and take them off only when you are drinking or eating. While this may sound like an easy thing to do, some adults find that having to take off their braces all the time is an annoying plus, they tend to lose their aligners too.

When you go for a nighttime only aligner, you only have to wear them for 10 hours. So, all you have to do is brush your teeth after dinner and just wear them until you wake up the next morning. No need to worry about misplacing them or having to take them off and clean both your teeth and the aligner after eating your breakfast or lunch!

A lot of people prefer to use the nighttime only clear aligners because they are more convenient. You do not need to make major changes in your routine or lifestyle. Plus, you can still speak confidently to friends and colleagues without worrying that the braces will give you a lisp.

The downfall of using nighttime only aligner as teeth straightening treatment though is the treatment time. Since you are wearing them less, the average treatment time will be longer compared to the average treatment time of day aligners.

Do home aligners hurt when straightening teeth?

Home aligner treatment is a pain-free experience compared to metal braces. The force involved in pushing your teeth to a better position is gentle and gradual – you will barely feel it at all.

Some people would report a slight discomfort but that usually goes away after a day or two. This is just natural as you adjust to the feeling of wearing the aligner trays.

Every time you switch to the next aligner set on your kit, you will probably experience the same discomfort again since the next set will always be a tighter fit than the last one to make your teeth move to the next level.

What other brands should I consider?

If you want to explore other brands before making a final decision, that is okay. This means you are being a smart buyer by assessing all available options that you may have.

Other home aligner brands have their own strong points over SnapCorrect and SmileDirectClub. You should compare invisible aligners thoroughly before making a final choice.

There is Byte, which is probably the most technologically advanced brand in the market. Their HyperByte device helps them retain their spot as having the fastest treatment time.

Then, there is Candid. Candid stands out through high-quality service by working only with licensed orthodontists. This is important since orthodontists are specialists in teeth straightening and have more knowledge and experience in the area compared to general dental professionals.

Lastly, another brand that you should check out is AlignerCo. AlignerCo has the cheapest rates in the market today.

Why do teeth aligners cost less than Invisalign or traditional braces?

This type of orthodontic treatment is significantly cheaper because the treatment is done remotely. This means there are fewer expenses involved in the process.

Invisalign and traditional braces require regular dental or orthodontic office visits to dental professionals which means you have to be paying a good number of professional fees and office visit fees during treatment.

With home aligners, you just have to pay for the impression kit and your aligners kit and you are good to go. Virtual check-ins and communications are done online with the dental professional assigned to your case.

In fact, even the most expensive home aligners are so much cheaper compared to Invisalign and braces.

Is there a minimum age requirement for straightening teeth?

Most home aligner brands can treat ages 12 and above since you will be able to have all of your adult teeth by then.

If you are aged 18 and below, you will need to have your parent’s consent before getting into clear braces treatment.

If you are seeking straighter teeth and you have all your adult teeth in place, you will generally be eligible for treatment under age requirements.

Are teeth aligners safe for pregnant women?

Teeth aligners are safe to use but you have to take note that this may not be the ideal time for you to work on your crooked teeth.

It is known that your teeth shift during pregnancy. This could mean that your teeth will not be the same when you had your assessment and could ruin the entire clear braces treatment plan. You may need to order newer aligner sets and this will cost extra money on your part.

It is best to do your home aligner treatment a few months after your pregnancy.

Are aligners easy to clean?

To ensure good oral health and to retain their clearness and quality, you have to clean your teeth aligners frequently. You do this every time you take them out.

Rinse the aligners first in cool water. Never use hot water when you clean them. The plastic material can lose its shape and form.

Use a clean toothbrush and brush the aligners lightly. Do not use toothpaste since this can make your aligners cloudy. Some brands will give you a cleaning paste for this or a soaking solution for this.

Why would I be rejected as a candidate for invisible aligners?

As mentioned earlier, an invisible aligner has its limits. They can only handle mild to moderate cases of misaligned teeth, gaps, and other jaw alignment issues. You may be rejected as a candidate because your case needs more work and personal oversight by a licensed dentist or orthodontist

Another reason why you could be rejected is your dental health. You will not be allowed to straighten teeth with clear aligners if you have other dental issues such as gum disease, cavities, and other dental issues. You will most likely be advised to deal with these issues first before you do any teeth straightening options.

If you know you have significant dental concerns, it is best to check with your regular dentist first to see if teeth aligners are best for you.


When it comes to SnapCorrect vs Smile Direct Club, you can see that it may look like they are offering the same things at first but they have a lot of differences. The differences are the things that you would need to know to make a final choice.

Although it is plain to see that SmileDirectClub has more to offer with more experience and brand power, SnapCorrect is still a good choice. You just have to determine what features do you prioritize more.

If money is tight and you need to follow a strict budget, SnapCorrect is the better choice for you. The free teeth whitening gel for life that you get after treatment is a great deal too!

One thing is for sure, both brands are a significantly less costly option compared to Invisalign and braces. Because of this, anyone can have access to the perfect smile!

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