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  • How Much Does a Crown Cost?

    How much does a crown cost, and what are the different variables that can influence the cost of a dental crown other than insurance and material? Dental crowns are one of the best medical interventions you can have to make your smile perfect and your teeth look better. While a lot of people can correct […]

  • Temporary Crown Fell Off – This Is What You Should Do Next

    If your temporary crown fell off ahead of your permanent crown appointment, you are probably worried about what to do.  Temporary crowns are, naturally, not designed to last forever, and it is not unthinkable or uncommon for them to fall out between dental appointments. In other words, if your temporary dental crown comes off before […]

  • Crown Vs Filling

    Dental crown vs filling – what are the differences and the similarities between these two restorative dental procedures, and when is your dentist going to recommend one or the other? This article covers everything you need to know about dental crowns and fillings, so that you are fully informed about what both of these modern […]