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  • What Does A Cavity Look Like?

    What does a cavity look like at each stage of its development? And, if you are able to identify a cavity in its early stages, is there anything you can do to halt and even undo the damage? In this article, our focus is on tooth decay. By the time you have read all the […]

  • Cavity on Side of Molar

    Are you wondering how to identify a cavity on side of molar and what to do about it? Everyone desires a beautiful smile in this appearance-driven world. To always look their best, people tend to only focus on their front teeth and making sure that they look like pearly whites. Not much attention is being […]

  • How To Tell If You Have A Cavity

    Wondering how to tell if you have a cavity? Do your teeth feel sensitive? Do you have some sort of discomfort or pain when you bite? If yes, then you should probably see your dentist as these could be signs of a cavity. Cavities happen to everyone. The data from the National Institute of Dental […]