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  • Bad Dental Implants: Causes, Risks, And How to Prevent Them

    Bad dental implants is something we should all want to avoid, for multiple reasons. But what causes dental implants to go wrong, and what can you do to safeguard yourself as much as possible against the agony of dental implant failure?  In this article, we are going to cover the most common dental implant complicaitons, […]

  • Dentures Vs Implants – Which Is Best?

    If you are looking to get missing teeth replaced you are probably wondering whether dentures vs implants is the better choice. What are the pros and the cons of each, what are is the difference in cost, and which option looks the most like natural teeth?  The intention behind this article is to answer all […]

  • Types of Dental Implants

    What are the different types of dental implants, and which one/s should you select if given the choice? Losing a tooth or two can cause anyone to feel self-conscious, and ashamed to smile or speak confidently. Moreover, it can cause someone to develop bad eating habits, especially when food is difficult to chew, which then […]