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  • Can You Chew Gum With Invisalign?

    Can you chew gum with Invisalign? If you are considering undergoing Invisalign treatment to correct your smile, you would probably like to know the answer to this question. The answer to this question is probably not what you were hoping to hear, but there is a very good reason for it.  When you start wearing […]

  • Is the Invisalign Express Treatment the Right Option for You?

    If you have heard about Invisalign Express, you are probably wondering whether this sped-up version of the classic Invisalign treatment process is a better option for you. Much like the classic and full Invisalign treatment plan, Invisalign Express is a custom treatment plan, but one that offers the distinct advantages of a much shorter treatment […]

  • Invisalign Teeth: Precisely What to Expect

    Invisalign teeth – is the treatment process worth it to get them? Everyone wants a beautiful smile with straight and white teeth; however, most people need help getting there. In the past few years, more and more people are having success with the new orthodontic treatment called Invisalign teeth straightening treatment. But is Invisalign treatment […]

  • Maintaining Healthy Gums With Braces

    Are you wondering how you can best maintain healthy gums with braces? Braces are a wonderful orthodontic treatment option if you have misaligned, crowded, bucked or gapped teeth. However, there are some downsides to consider and to find solutions to. Most prominent among these challenges is perhaps the question of how to keep your gums […]

  • Invisalign Rubber Bands

    This article contains everything you need to know about Invisalign rubber bands. To say that Invisalign changed the landscape of orthodontic treatment is a huge understatement. Invisalign clear aligners introduced not just another effective way to fix malocclusions; they also managed to solve the common problems associated with traditional braces such as discomfort, pain, and […]

  • Does Medicaid Cover Invisalign?

    Orthodontic treatments are expensive, that’s a common fact anywhere you go around the world. But as with other aspects of health, you cannot take oral health for granted, and this means getting proper orthodontic care. Fortunately, as with other aspects of health, dental insurance can provide dental coverage to help pay off expensive orthodontic care […]

  • Invisalign Specialist

    What is an Invisalign specialist, and how can he or she help you achieve the best possible outcome of your teeth straightening treatment? There is a reason why primary care physicians would refer patients to a specialist for additional care. The latter’s training focuses on a specific discipline; they can diagnose and treat a specific […]

  • Everything You Should Know About Invisalign Pain

    Are you experiencing Invisalign pain and wondering a) what you can do about it and b) when it is going to stop? If you answered yes to these two questions, then this article was written with you in mind. Experiencing some degree of pain and discomfort when you first start wearing Invisalign trays is completely […]

  • What Does A Broken Bracket Look Like?

    What does a broken bracket look like – and how do you repair yours if it breaks? Metal braces are probably the most tested and proven orthodontic treatment in the world. You cannot go wrong with it; it can correct almost all types of malocclusion, from teeth alignment to bite problems, from the simple to […]

  • How to Close A Gap In Your Teeth At Home

    Would you like to know how to close a gap in your teeth at home? If so, then you have come to exactly the right place, because this article is going to cover everything you need know to know about gapped teeth and the best at-home treatment options if you have a gap in your […]