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  • How Do You Get Rid Of Cavities?

    How do you get rid of cavities? We are sure you would like to know. Cavities are awful to contend with, particularly if they are far progressed and causing you a terrible amount of pain. The best cure is always preventing cavities from developing in the first place, but when that is not possible it […]

  • Smoking After Tooth Extraction – Is It Really Such A Bad Idea?

    If you are a smoker and have recently had a tooth removed, you are probably wondering whether smoking after tooth extraction is really such a bad idea? You might just want to smoke a few cigarettes to satisfy the craving, but even so, cigarette smoke after tooth extraction can have a number of detrimental effects […]

  • What to Eat After Tooth Extraction

    Are you wondering what to eat after tooth extraction? Well, you have come to the right place, because we have the answers. This article is going to be all about what to eat – and what absolutely not to eat – following oral surgery. Anyone who has ever experienced a wisdom tooth removal, or anyotjher […]