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  • Looking for the Best Reading Orthodontist?

    Are you looking for the very best Reading orthodontist?  Whether you are an adult or still a teenager, and whether you find the idea of clear braces or traditional metal braces more appealing, you deserve a more healthy and beautiful smile. And inevitably, the first step towards making your dream of a better smile come […]

  • Is Invisalign Cheaper Than Braces?

    Is Invisalign cheaper than braces – or is it the other way around? This article is going to provide you with the answers you need. So you have made the decision to get that beautiful smile you deserve by getting an orthodontic treatment that will fit your bite and straighten your teeth. Now the only […]

  • Best Clear Aligners

    If you are looking to straighten your teeth for a more beautiful smile, then you will be glad to know that metal brackets and wired braces are no longer your only option. More and more dental offices are offering clear aligners for a more practical, convenient, discreet, and even faster treatment time. Additionally, more and […]

  • Straight My Teeth Review

    Do you find yourself wondering whether Straight My Teeth might be the right teeth straightening option for you? If so, you are not alone. So many of us did not get our teeth straightened as children, because the process involving traditional braces was so cumbersome that it put us off, unless our dental issues were […]

  • What Are The Cheapest Teeth Aligners UK?

    The cheapest teeth aligners UK are Straight My Teeth which can be found for just £999 if you are able to pay upfront. However the company also offers a payment plan of just £67 a month. See below for our breakdown of the cheapest teeth aligners UK. Cheapest teeth aligners UK Straight My Teeth Aligners […]

  • PlusDent vs. Invisalign

    Having your teeth straightened is not a vain move – it actually keeps you healthier since you get to have better dental health. Looking good is just a bonus! So, if you have crooked teeth or tooth gaps, why not do something about it? Adults hesitate when it comes to getting their teeth straightened. They […]

  • Top Choices: Best Home Teeth Straightening Kit In The UK

    When it comes to dental health and getting straighter teeth, home teeth straightening kits are the best option for people compared to traditional braces. Having the option to straighten your teeth at home without going to the dentist’s office regularly saves a lot financially. Aside from being a cheaper treatment, home teeth straightening kits also […]

  • Invisalign Alternatives UK

    Every year, more adults in the UK are starting to seek orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles. Before, adults used to forgo teeth straightening because they do not want to be a metal mouth at their age. But with clear aligners like Invisalign, there is now a more discrete way to deal with the dental […]

  • WonderSmile vs Invisalign

    Straight teeth not only give you a beautiful smile but also show how much you practice good oral hygiene. Although not a requirement, getting your teeth straightened will not only improve your looks but will also make you feel more confident about yourself when you interact with other people. >> Save time and money now […]

  • PlusDent Birmingham: Book Now

    If you’re looking to start your Plusdent treatment in Birmingam then you’re in luck. The PlusDent Birmingham clinics are: The Edgbaston Dental Centre – 127 Pershore Road, Edgbaston, B5 7NX. The Top Medical Clinic Birmingham – 89A Allison Street, B5 5TH Getting started with PlusDent is quite straightforward – first you need to book an appointment online […]