WonderSmile vs Invisalign

Straight teeth not only give you a beautiful smile but also show how much you practice good oral hygiene. Although not a requirement, getting your teeth straightened will not only improve your looks but will also make you feel more confident about yourself when you interact with other people.

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When it comes to getting straighter teeth and a better smile, clear aligners are the best way to go. These invisible aligner trays are a huge step up compared to metal braces. The clear aligner treatment offers a more discrete way of dealing with your dental issues without being obvious about it the way metal braces do.

If you are in the UK, you may have heard of WonderSmile by now. It is currently one of the best clear aligners in the UK market alongside Plusdent and Straightmyteeth.

But how does the WonderSmile treatment compare to Invisalign?

In this article, we compare Invisalign vs Wondersmile based on important factors that you should consider when you are shopping for clear aligners.

How to start


You can start your WonderSmile treatment by checking if there is a WonderSmile clinic near you. In the UK, you can find WonderSmile clinics in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, Scotland, and Birmingham.

If you have found a WonderSmile clinic near you, all you have to do is do a walk-in or book an appointment for your initial consultation. You have to be checked to see if you qualify for WonderSmile aligners.

A Smile Care Consultant will do a 3D scan of your teeth using WonderSmile’s technology. The scans will then be sent to the WonderSmile team to further assess if you will be able to qualify for clear aligner treatment.

If there is no WonderSmile clinic near you, you can order an impression kit from their website, which will be delivered straight to your doorstep. The impression kit includes everything you need to make dental impressions. The kit has an instruction guide, impression trays, molding patty, mouth retractor, and gloves.

You will be asked to make 4 molds. Then, you should send the kit back to WonderSmile using the pre-paid return label in the kit.

To ensure that you get a good fit, make sure that you read the instructions thoroughly before you start making your impressions. Take note that each tooth impression should be very visible. Otherwise, a poorly made mold would give you a poorly fit aligner.

Whether you start in a WonderSmile clinic or with an impression kit, your WonderSmile treatment will be the same.


To start your Invisalign treatment, you have to look for an Invisalign orthodontist or dentist in your location. This is because you have to actively see one throughout the treatment. Unlike WonderSmile, Invisalign is monitored closely – remote treatment is not available.

Your Invisalign provider will take a 3D scan of your teeth and sometimes, they also make impressions too. The Invisalign provider will also make a personalized plan for your treatment. After this, the Invisalign provider will be making an order to Invisalign.

So, basically, you will get to know right then and there if you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment or not. But you will not be able to get a refund for the office visit if you are not.

How it works


Once approved for WonderSmile treatment, a team of orthodontists will start to design your treatment plan. Then, a 3D digital model of how your teeth will look throughout the treatment will be sent to your email address. You will have to approve this treatment plan before they start making your aligner trays.

The entire set of clear aligners that you will need from start to finish will be sent to your home in one package. The aligners will be sent to you in 25 business days upon approval of the customized plan.

WonderSmile has a team of licensed dental professionals and you will be assessed and monitored by one assigned to your case. The treatment is done remotely. You will be given access to the site through your WonderSmile account where you will be checking in with a dental professional assigned to your case.

You will get to know from your dashboard whether it is time to switch to the next aligner in your set. You will also be submitting photos of your teeth regularly to help monitor your treatment.

Because WonderSmile treatment is done remotely, you have to pay attention to all reminders and updates on your online account. It is the only way to keep track of your progress and to communicate with the dental professional monitoring your case.

Once treatment is done, you will be asked to wear a retainer to make sure that your corrected smile will last longer. WonderSmile comes with a lifetime guarantee. If your teeth shift back to their original position even after your treatment ends, WonderSmile will correct it for free.

Take note though that if you get permanent or bonded retainers, the WonderSmile Lifetime Guarantee will be void. All retainers should be purchased from WonderSmile.


Once Invisalign receives your order, they will start working on your clear aligners as prescribed by the personalized plan of your Invisalign provider using their advanced technology.

Once your clear aligners are done, they will be sent to the dental office of your dental professional. Because of this, you no longer have to deal with the responsibility of storing your aligners properly. Your Invisalign provider will keep your trays and will give you your next set as you make progress in your treatment.

Office visits will be done every few weeks so that your Invisalign provider can monitor your progress closely. If your orthodontist finds that you are not making enough progress, changes or adjustments can be done right away.

When your treatment is over, you will be asked to wear a retainer to ensure that your teeth stay in place for a long time.

Treatment options


You get two aligner treatment options with WonderSmile: the WonderSmile All-Day Aligners and the WonderSmile NightClear Aligners.


Invisalign only has one aligner treatment option – all-day clear aligners. There are no night-only aligners available.

Treatment time


WonderSmile’s All-Day aligners have to be worn for 22 hours each day. The treatment time is 6 months on average.

WonderSmile’s NightClear aligners have to be worn for 10 hours each day. The treatment time is 9 months on average.

The treatment time for WonderSmile aligners can be longer for some people. This will depend on the severity of your dental issues.

Another factor that may affect your clear aligner treatment time is your progress. It is important that you wear your clear aligner as recommended. Make sure you do the minimum amount of hours each day. Otherwise, your progress will be delayed which means a longer treatment time than what was initially plotted.


You have to wear your Invisalign clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day. As for the average treatment time, this will vary depending on the type and severity of dental issues that you want to address.

For mild cases, treatment time with Invisalign aligners can be as short as 3 months. While for those with complex cases, treatment time can reach up to 18 months.

The more work you need to straighten your teeth, the longer your treatment time will be.



The WonderSmile Impression Kit costs £25. This will include free shipping and a pre-paid return. If you do not qualify as a candidate for clear aligners treatment, you will be able to get a refund.

If you visit a WonderSmile clinic, the initial 3D scan costs £40. If you are not a suitable candidate for the treatment, the amount will be refunded

The WonderSmile All-Day Aligners costs £1,399. If you choose to pay by installment via WonderPay Plan, the upfront deposit is £139 and then you have to pay £98.75 per month for 12 months.

The WonderSmile NightClear Aligners cost £1,449. If you choose to pay by installment via WonderPay Plan, the upfront deposit is £145 and then you have to pay £102.42 per month for 12 months.

In case you lose your invisible aligners, you will be charged £50 for each set of aligners that need to be replaced. If you are making good progress on the treatment, you may not need to replace your aligners. Your dental professional may simply just move you to the next set earlier, although this could give you slight pain because the next set is usually a tighter fit.

Retainers from WonderSmile costs £60.

WonderSmile accepts payments through credit and debit cards from MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro.

Take note that if you want to do WonderPay, a soft credit check will be done to make sure that you will be able to pay the monthly fees.


If you check their website, you will find that Invisalign does not have a fixed rate or general rate. This is because the total cost will depend on a lot of factors.

One major factor that will affect your Invisalign total cost is the condition of your teeth. The more work you need, the more expensive it will get.

Another factor that will be considered is your location. The farther you are from an Invisalign lab, the more expensive it can get because of shipping fees.

Other factors include your dental professional’s fees, level of expertise as an Invisalign provider, and office visit fees.

To give you an idea of what you may be looking at, Invisalign treatment generally costs £2000 to £5000 or more, depending on the severity of your dental issue.

Pros and Cons



  • Affordable price. The WonderPay payment plan is interest-free! You end up paying the same amount as you would in a one-time payment.
  • You have the option to just get one arch (top or bottom) and the total price can be reduced.
  • WonderSmile comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.


  • WonderSmile has limited service. At the moment, WonderSmile is only accessible in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.



  • Invisalign works as good as metal braces for most cases.
  • Invisalign can fix a wider range of dental issues compared to at-home clear aligners.
  • Monitoring is done up close and personally by an orthodontist of your choice (must be an Invisalign provider).


  • Invisalign is expensive. The fee for mild to moderate cases is already high – what more if you want to fix severe dental issues?

Invisalign vs WonderSmile FAQs

Is WonderSmile as good as Invisalign?

To compare the two, you have to consider what kind of dental issues you have.

For mild to moderate cases, then yes, WonderSmile can be as good and as effective as Invisalign. But if you have a severe dental situation, you will need a stronger force than what WonderSmile can offer to straighten teeth. This is where Invisalign has the upper hand.

So, if you only have a mild to moderate case, choosing WonderSmile is a good option. This is because it is as good as Invisalign and it costs just half the price of Invisalign!

How good is the WonderSmile treatment?

WonderSmile is good enough to work on mild to moderate cases of misalignment issues that are caused by crowding, spacing, and gaps.

The invisible aligners are impossible to detect unless someone looks really closely. This way, you do not have to feel conscious about wearing it.

Another good thing about choosing WonderSmile as a treatment option is that it is very affordable. You can even reduce your total cost by just getting one arch. For instance, if you only have problems in your upper teeth, you can request to only have trays for the upper teeth instead of having upper and lower trays.

To know if WonderSmile is a good fit for you, you can take a 3-minute assessment test on their website to give you an idea.

Does WonderSmile fix an overbite?

WonderSmile can fix your overbite or underbite as long as it is just a mild case.

If you will be needing more work, then you may need something stronger like Invisalign or traditional metal braces.

What is the difference between WonderSmile All-Day aligners and NightClear aligners?

Both types of aligners actually work the same and you will still get the same end result – a straighter and better smile. The difference lies in when you wear them and how long you need to wear them.

Since you are wearing the All-Day clear aligners longer, the treatment time will be shorter. And since you are wearing the NightClear aligners for a shorter time, the treatment time will be longer.

If you are unsure which one to choose, think of your lifestyle and your level of discipline.

You are required to take off your invisible aligners every time you eat or drink something. While doing so, you must be responsible enough not to lose it. Also, you have to clean the aligners and brush your teeth before you put them back on again.

This can be a huge adjustment to your daily routine so you need to know if you are disciplined enough to handle that with All-Day aligners.

NightClear aligners are only worn at night so you are not at work while you have them on. If you go to bed early, you do not have to deal with them at all while eating or drinking – you just put them on when you sleep.

If you prioritize convenience, the NightClear aligners are the better choice. If you want to fix your dental issues right away, then the All-Day aligners are the best choice for you.

Why are the NightClear aligners more expensive than the All-Day clear aligners?

Since you will be wearing the clear aligners while you sleep, this will demand a different material to ensure effectiveness.

WonderSmile’s NightClear aligners actually have a thicker resin. This will allow the aligners to align your teeth with enough force safely while you are sleeping.

How do I maintain my eligibility for WonderSmile’s Lifetime Guarantee?

WonderSmile’s Lifetime Guarantee means that they will fix your teeth for free if it shifts out of the corrected place after your treatment. That sounds like a good deal, right? But there are conditions that you must follow – otherwise, the Lifetime Guarantee becomes void.

You are required to wear retainers for 24 hours for the first 2 weeks after your clear alignment treatment ends. After that, your retainers should be worn for 8 hours every night – when you sleep.

For effectiveness and hygiene, you should replace your retainers every 6 months.

Also, you have to purchase your retainers from WonderSmile. All your purchases are reflected on your WonderSmile account online so they can keep track of how many retainers you have been using.

Are clear aligners treatment covered by insurance?

Generally, clear aligners are viewed as a cosmetic treatment so you may find that most insurance providers will not cover them. However, if you have a specialized dental insurance policy, this may be covered under orthodontic treatments.

In case you get covered, take note that insurance policies will only cover part of the cost. You will still have to shell out some money from your own pocket. The best coverage only covers half of the total bill.

Also, for some insurance providers, the coverage will come in the form of reimbursement. You should contact your insurance provider about this to be sure.

It is always best to make sure that you have insurance coverage before you start treatment. If you do not have any insurance yet, consider getting one with orthodontic coverage.

Take note that some insurance policies come with a waiting period, meaning if your insurance is new, you have to wait for several months before you start using your insurance.

Why are at-home clear aligners cheaper than Invisalign?

When it comes to Invisalign vs at-home clear aligners, Invisalign loses potential patients budget-wise. The fees are just too expensive and what at-home clear aligners ask for is very affordable in comparison.

A huge factor why remote treatment clear aligners are so much cheaper than Invisalign is that you no longer have to pay for professional fees and visits to the dentist since everything will be monitored online and remotely.

With visits to the dentist and dentist fees out of the total cost, a huge amount of money is saved compared to what you would usually spend with Invisalign and traditional braces. Since Invisalign and traditional braces need close monitoring, you need to visit the dental office several times throughout your treatment.

Also, since you do not do office visits, you get everything you need in one package. If you are careful with the way you store your clear aligners, there will be no need to pay for replacements.

Your clear aligner needs less adjustments compared to traditional metal braces. This is also one of the factors why an at-home clear aligner is cheaper.

You will find a lot of at-home clear aligners in the market these days like Plusdent and Straightmyteeth. These clear aligners work similarly to WonderSmile so you might want to check them out as well if you are leaning towards remote treatment for your teeth straightening aligners treatment needs.


If your crooked teeth or teeth gaps are getting in the way of your confidence, using clear aligners may be the best fit for you! As you can see, both WonderSmile and Invisalign have their own strengths to straighten teeth.

WonderSmile aligners treatment is best for people who only have mild to moderate dental issues to address. It is a great at-home teeth straightening treatment that is also more affordable.

Invisalign aligners treatment is best for those who have more severe cases of misalignment and overcrowding. Invisalign is the better choice if you prefer being monitored personally by a dental professional.

Both clear aligners are good choices. Which aligners treatment is best for you will depend on the severity of your dental issues and your preferences when it comes to teeth straightening.

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